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2nd Annual Stockyard Flag Tournament Saturday, August 21st.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You for Participating in the Stockyard Games Football Tournament

We appreciated your commitment to the event, as well as your patience throughout the day. Overall we felt that the tournament went well. The weather cooperated, which was one of our main concerns! Most importantly, it appeared that well over 100 flag players had fun playing football, and hopefully it helped to prepare them for the upcoming season.

The Northland Longhorns have every intent of making this an annual event, and would like to both grow and improve the event each year. Your feedback and ideas are both welcomed and encouraged. If there is anything that we could consider doing different, better, etc, please let us know. Also, if there were things that went well, please comment on that as well so that we can expand on those items. If anyone is interested, we have a good deal of tournament t-shirts left over that we would love to sell! Discounted price is $10, and we will deliver them to your field at your convenience.

Congratulations go out to the Sharks and Chargers for making the Championship game! Here are the final results of the pool play and the championship bracket. Thanks again to all, we hope that you had a great day and hope to see you again next year!

Pool Results:

Pool A Pool B
Sharks 3-0 Chiefs 3-0
Longhorns 2-1 Giants 2-1
Chargers 1-2 Raiders 1-2
Packers 0-3 Rams 0-3

Playoff Results
Game 1 Chargers over Giants
Game 2 Longhorns over Raiders
Game 3 Chargers over Chiefs
Game 4 Sharks over Longhorns

Championship Game: Sharks over Chargers

Final placing after bracket play

1) Sharks 5-0
2) Chargers 3-3
3) Chiefs 3-1
4) Longhorns 3-2
5) Giants 2-2
6) Raiders 1-3

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